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    Best Wonderchef Mixer Grinder with Online Recipe Book

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    Today’s article is going to be very special for your kitchen world as it is going to talk about the Wonderchef mixer grinder which is the best-selling mixer grinder in its category.

    With this Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder, you get Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s online recipe book that helps you cook delicious meals in the kitchen. It is said that this is the Wonderchef mixer grinder for the wonder women of today.

    Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder is the best-selling mixer grinder in India. Its powerful 400-watt motor, attractive look, and non-breakable transparent jar. It comes with two sturdy transparent jars through which you can grind spices, chutneys, vegetables, etc in a matter of seconds.

    Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder- 400 Watts

    Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder

    Best Wonderchef Mixer Grinder

    • Performance with Style: India’s favorite Mixer-Grinder-Blender, Nutriblend, is the perfect combination of superior performance and superb styling that adds beauty to your kitchen.
    • Stainless Steel Blades: Super quality surgical stainless steel blades are able to grind everything and stay sharp despite working at high speeds. They extract every ounce of immunity-enhancing anti-oxidants, pain relieving omega 3s, proteins, vitamins & minerals from your foods.
    • Specialized Functions: The Long Jar (500ml) comes with a 4-wing blade for mixing-blending and the Short Jar (300ml) with a 2-wing flat blade for grinding to make all kinds of chutneys, shakes, smoothies, and masalas. Two useful lids – for storing and sprinkling come with the product.
    • Trademark Design: The attractive trademark flower design stands apart and is a symbol of health and quality. It’s a reflection of your refined taste in the kitchen.

    Powerful Motor and Transparent & Unbreakable Jars:

    This Wonderchef juicer mixer grinder comes with a powerful 400-watt motor that delivers an incredible speed of 22,000 RPM. It grinds the toughest spices and chutneys with ease due to its high speed, which is almost double that of other mixer grinders available in the market.

    Its Unbreakable and Transparent Jar allows you to see the contents inside it, you can know the outcome of your content without taking off its lid. Its special thing is that it does not have a button, all you have to do is twist and play to grind all kinds of spices and chutneys, and then the ingredients will start grinding.

    Wonderchef Nutri-blend mixer grinder for you is an all-in-one appliance and it starts with 2 jars and can be combined with a chopper, food processor, juicer, large jar, etc. All these jars come with a stylish look that will enhance your kitchen.

    Sharp Blade and Healthy Food:

    The stainless steel and surgical grade steel blades fitted in its jars are helpful in grinding the toughest materials and give us the natural taste of our ingredients.

    With this Wonderchef mixer grinder, you can prepare the ingredients for rich and creamy dips, delicious and healthy meals. With its stainless steel super sharp blades and powerful motor, you can grind spices for your delicious meals in a matter of minutes.

    Recipe book by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor:

    Along with this Wonderchef mixer grinder comes the ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ e-recipe guide book, curated by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Nutritionist Swati Thoda, to help you cook delicious meals in your own kitchen. This book provides a variety of food recipes to lead a healthy life.

    Key Features of Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder- 400 Watts:

    MaterialFiber Plastic body
    Item Dimensions LxWxH10 x 10 x 18 Centimeters
    Wattage400 Watts
    Item Weight500 Grams
    Blade MaterialStainless Steel
    Material Type FreeBPA Free

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